Secrets of Test Success at Success Academy

I think the phrase that practically jumped off the page was, “…at the expense of actual learning.”  How are we allowing this to go on in our educational system in America? After reading Diane’s blog, I feel this is all the more reason for parents to encourage their children to “opt out” from standardized testing.  If we can stop the incessant testing, many of the problems we face in education today will be diminished greatly.  “Success Charters” will have to resort to actual teaching, teachers will be able to utilize what they KNOW to be best practices in teaching and learning, students will actually return to liking school and perhaps we will still have a chance to produce well rounded, well educated, productive members of society with the ability to think critically and independently. What a novel idea.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Eva Moskowitz, an attorney who served on the New York City Council and was chair of the education committee, opened her own chain of charter schools in Harlem in 2006. Moskowitz is an interesting, brilliant woman with a Ph.D. in history. Her chain initially was called Harlem Success Academy, but has since been renamed Success Academy, presumably because it is now moving into other neighborhoods. Her schools regularly win editorial plaudits from the city’s tabloids for their high scores. In this article in The New Yorker, it appears that she has the “secret sauce” to overcome poverty and send the poorest kids to college. According to the New Yorker article, her chain spends over $1 million a year on marketing–such as direct mail, ads on buses and bus stop shelters, flyers, etc.– which pumps up the number of applicants for the schools and helps to build the chain’s reputation…

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